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Welcome to: Re - Unión

Where we invite you to find connection and play

what is Re - Unión?


Re - Unión [pronounced: ray-ooon-yawn] is a special collab project by Dose.Productions (Canada) and The Gathering Co.op (México). 

It is:

The re-unión between artists, creatives, music, and nature lovers. Where México meets Canada on the sacred and unceded territories of the Sinixt peoples; nestled near Nelson, BC. The re-unión of great minds coming together to celebrate life while taking care and honouring the land we are visiting. Where the rainforest meets the mountains. Where family re-unites and joins forces co-creating a community of game changers lifting mother earth's energy. A gathering with intention, purpose, and love. A gathering to dance and play. A gathering for the soul.

Where radical self expression is encouraged!

A place to feel free and safe to be your most authentic self.

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2024 full Lineup

We are exceptionally proud to share our event's roster of talented Musical Artists, Performers, and Creators. These Artists have been carefully selected to guide you on your experiential journey at Re-Unión.
Each Music Artist with their own unique sound, incredible selections, and sumptuous craft; we are grateful they have chosen to weave their magic for us all. From underground house music, to post punk techno, and a dash of acid; we're certain these tunes will delight your senses.
As you attune your body to the rhythms being shared you will also experience perfectly paired Performance Art, Interactive Art, and Workshops. We cannot wait for you to see, hear, and participate in the magic of Re-Unión.

The Experience


Step into a magical realm deep within the lush Kootenay forest. At Re - Unión we're blending the tropical Méxican vibes with the Valley's Forest serenity. It is here where we are creating a  nucleus of sensation for you to explore and play...

A small and intimate Gathering of conscious individuals is what we are nurturing here; think of it as you, hanging with a couple hundred of your next best buds, experiencing a thoughtfully crafted evening under the Kootenay stars. 

We have hand selected some of the finest Electronic Artists, from Across Western Canada, to bring you an incredible experience of tastefully curated Music programming.  However, this Event will have many other treats for all of you Hunnies to enjoy too.

*Performance pieces to dazzle

*Sacred spaces for healing and temple journeys for the soul 

*Food to nourish the hungry humans

 *A Speakeasy to wet yah whistle

*Oddities to happen upon

...and many other lovely little delights

But in the end, it's all about that connection and we are so damn stoked to share this with all of you wonderful human beans. 

Lets Fuckin Go.

Photos: Nice times at The Co.op Gathering México's events

coming soon to a dance floor near you...

Our team

our team

Events like this take many great people collaborating to make them so damn awesome. From a trusted Security Team to Harm Reduction. These are the people who make this shit happen y'all. We are deeply grateful for each person that is a part of our team and what they bring to our Events. Many thanks to all you wonderful humans that sail this Ship with us.



Here, we are committed to fostering a safe & inclusive event for all folks, nurturing the land we congregate on, and embodying zero-waste initiatives. Please see the information below as a guide to how you can help uphold our Ethos.

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Engage in ANY Non Consensual activities (see CONSENT information below).


Cary/use/bring weapons, fireworks, airhorns, dangerous items…and/or create fire risks, no fires permitted. 


Use Abusive Language, Hate Symbols, or Hate Speech. 


Wear Attire that has been Appropriated - General Rule: If the item or look in question is traditionally used by a community or culture other than your own to express religious beliefs, political statements, or respected status within that culture, leave it alone. Appreciate don't appropriate.


Participate in an activity that is insulting/harmful to oneself and/or fellow guests.


Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property & disrespecting/damaging the festival grounds, urination/defecation in the creek and/or outside of designated washroom. 

Access restricted areas without adequate credentials.


DON'T Bring: GLASS, non biodegradable Glitter, Alcohol and Illegal Substances, Single Use Plastics/Microplastics, GLOW STICKS and Feather Boas (or any things that create MOOP), Drones, Laser Pointers, Generators and Renegade Sound Systems, ANIMALS, ATVs, A Shitty Attitude.

Drop/Leave Waste (Cigarettes, Cans, Garbage, etc..) We will have Pocket Ashtrays/Ciggy Cans and limited Garbage/Recycling but we are NOT here to be yah fucking parents. You brought that shit, be a responsible adult and pack out what you pack in.

DON'T bring any UNDERAGE people, this is a 19+ Event.


Come prepared for one fabulous night of Camping...

Make sure to BRING: Tent, Hammock, Blankies, Flashlight, Solar or Battery Powered Camp Lights/Reusable Decor.


BRING your own Refillable Water Bottle, Utensils, Bowls, Cups, Plates, we will have tasty Food Vendors and A Bar on site that you'll need these things in order to enjoy the amenities.


BRING that CASH y'all!!!  Our Bar, Food Vendors, Art Gallery, and Artisans will be CASH ONLY. We are out of Cell/WIFI Service so please come prepared with enough CASH.

BRING Garbage and Recycling bags for your camp.

Have Layers, Warm Clothing, and some COMFY AF Dancing Shoes.

EXPRESS YOURSELF, Bring those fun costumes!! Radical Self Expression is Encouraged here.

Come prepared for the Elements - Have: Biodegradable Sunscreen (respect the Water please only bring Environmentally Products), Bug Repellant, Sun Hats, Optional Swimwear.

Check out the Artist's Music on Souncloud, Spotify, Mixcloud etc... before the Event.

BRING your Authentic Self and come with an Open Mind, there will be so many dope humans to connect with, experiences to have, and weird little oddities to enjoy.

annnddd BE PREPARED to Shake yah Booty, Experience one Magical Evening, Nourish yah Soul, and Feed Your Creative Fire.




A mutual agreement to physical, sexual, social and even emotional contact. Having consent means that all folks involved in the activity are 100% STOKED everything that is happening in the moment.


Our Harm Reduction, Security Team and Festival Crew take consent very seriously. Please let them know if someone is acting in a way that is making people feel uncomfortable. If you see anyone instigating or participating in acts of Harm, and the situation is beyond your control/will put you in danger, please find one of our team members immediately. Let's all take care of each other and create the safest experience possible.

If you want to learn more about consent or are feeling unsafe, concerned, or overwhelmed or at any time during

Re - Unión, please come visit our Harm Reduction Sanctuary. We are here to support you.


ANYONE who tries to bring this shit into our space WILL BE REMOVED and BANNED from any further Events.

If you or anyone you know has experienced harm from individuals in our Community please reach out to us. These individuals are NOT welcome here.


Events like this are a place to feel safe in your personal and psychedelic explorations. While we do not condone the use/possession of Illegal Substances, we are here to help provide you with safe substance use information. Our Harm Reduction Team will be on site to assist with providing you with safe, thoughtful, and educational experiences. We will also have ANKORS on site to provide access to anonymous safe substance guidance and info. ​

Please remember to stay hydrated, use the buddy system, never use alone, always have substances tested, and get to know what does/does not work together. 

Some amazing resources to check out for info on Consent, Sex, and Substance Use:



Alright, Hunnies here we go!!!

**There are Limited tickets available to this event**


In order to accomodate and to provide an inclusive experience, for all financial situations, this event will be priced on a sliding scale. The tickets are valued at $125.00. However, we would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase tickets from $100.00 - $150.00 pending what you feel you can give.

There are a limited number of tickets as we aim to keep these gatherings safe, full of good vibes, and good people. There will be no tickets at the gate and no refunds provided. 


Please Note: Here we practice Radical Inclusivity & Consent. Please respect one another’s bodily sovereignty and personal choices. Our events are created for all folks and to provide a safe space free from judgement. There is zero tolerance for any behaviours that harm others. If you or someone in your circle has experienced harm from anyone in our community please reach out to us, we are here to support you.

So...Are you ready for a realllllly nice time? 

Purchase your Re - Unión Ticket below bbs.

Location & Camping

LOCATION & Camping

You've read the deets, gushed over the Artists, and scored your tix... Now you're ready to plan your journey out to the Forest!

On site we have lush Camping spots, fresh drinking water, and amenities. There is lots of room for y'all to find a cute tent nook. We encourage all attendees to bring their cozy tent set ups and enjoy the serenity of the Forest camping.  Please respect that parking is EXTREMELY limited. There will be a small area designated for Car Camping, however, this space is reserved for people staying in their cars to snooze.  


General Admission Gate will open at 12PM Saturday May18th

We encourage you to arrive for the Opening Intentions that will take place at 2:22PM.

Happy Hour will happen from 3PM - 6PM. 

Add on!!! You asked for it so we are delivering...Early Entry Friday May17th at 3PM:
Workshops + Evening Music 

Will be emailed to ticket holders Thursday, May16th.

Please expect to drive 40minutes from Nelson. 

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