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Dose.Productions: event curation as contemporary art

Alongside their DJ bookings & Music Production Dose. has been curating their underground event series "Antidote", for over 6 years, in unique alternative spaces.  Pioneering their own brand of Techno, in Western Canada, their event's have provided a platform to showcase an unorthodox niche of sound. Their event curation also focuses on elevating the way in which people experience dance culture. Dose. expands beyond the scope of traditional expectations; choosing to create unique and visceral Immersive Art Experiences. Their signature style explores the notion of events as Contemporary Art. Through cultivating these experiences Dose. uses their platform to create social commentary, amplify safer spaces & harm reduction, instil conversation, and transmit a conscious message.


Diversifying the stage is also an absolute must for Dose. Within both their Music transmissions & Event Curation, it is their strong mandate to always have gender balance & equal representation. They consistently strive to represent fem folk, womxn, & queer Artists. Through this Dose. aims to break down barriers, create new industry standards, & open conversation surrounding the importance of diversity + inclusion.

Music is their medium & equality is their goal.

Below we will share moments & meaning from a few of our deepest event creations. These curations pulled from the depths of our creativity and challenged us to grow, learn, and become better Artists + community leaders. We hope you enjoy a glimmer into the Antidote Collective.


antidote: meet me at the ostbahnhof
[an homage to the unforgettable city of berlin]

With inspiration from one of the world’s most iconic and influential queer night clubs

“where techno reigns and the limits of decadence are constantly being pushed”.

We shared an event which alluded to a place that truly embodies world class rave culture, explores the raw hedonism of human sexuality, pushes the boundaries of what music is capable of, and inspires us to keep curating extraordinary events.

Imprinted through the lens, this evocative photo series captures the raw + unforgettable vulnerability that was created and shared.

We are so grateful to have seen our community fully immerse themselves in our Artistic vision.
This collective unification rippled through the night with fervour & delight, transcending far beyond the scope of one evening.

The deep emotive feeling of Berlin was ever present & It was an honour to share a piece of somewhere dear to our hearts.

We created this event with intention & love to transport people through an experience that transcends borders.


Dedicating months to our creative process, we conceptualised & curated each piece of this unique event. Prior to adding any details, we spent days thoughtfully mapping out & preparing the space. We wanted to authentically impress upon our community the feeling that Berlin left on our hearts.

Raw scaffolding topped with fine mesh replicates a cat walk in the rear of our favourite klub. Creating a cinematic filter to the smoke filled dancefloor. With the underneath reflecting the nooks & oddities which people indulged in, from the hanging chains & pulsing lights, it was integral for us to create this Art and share our unforgettable klub moments.  

Graffiti scrawled particle board, under a naked bulb, & topped with upcycled sheet metal from previous Antidote events,

mimicked a rundown bus stop in Eastern Berlin. 

The fencing creating a cage around the DJ pays homage to some of the most hedonistic & iconic expressions of dance culture.

The neu-ly spray painted welcome sign, on brown up-cycled paper & held in place with industrial black tape, alluded to the incredible

street Art culture.

The chosen fencing at the entrance, design of the wristbands, & the curated lighting palette [in parts reflecting the beauty of morning sunrises illuminated through window panes] were all lived moments dear to us that we were grateful to be able to share with our Antidote Familie .  


And so much more…


We poured our hearts & creative souls into this project. Thank you to everyone who embraced our offering & added their sparkle to the night.
We are humbled, honoured, & inspired by you.

Photos by: Jesse Scheffelmaier of Valley Ridge Media

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